A Steaming Cup of Tea on a Perfect Fall Day

feat3Today was a perfect fall day. The weather was moderate and cool and the sun was shining all day. It was a good day to be alive and appreciate all the good things that happen in one’s life.

Fall to me is the best season of the year, not too hot and not too cold with beautiful nature all around. As the nights become cooler and the trees start to change color, fall emerges as a way to remember the events of summer and as a time to prepare for the cold of winter.

Fall is a great time for country driving and trips that explore the fall scenery are memorable events. The days are cool enough to create brilliant displays of color but usually warm enough in early fall to travel with car windows open or with the convertible top down. The rush of fresh air is exhilarating.

Fall is also an ideal time for sporting events and other outdoor activity. Football games and rallies, hay rides, clam bakes and a myriad of other events bring families together and add festivities to the enjoyment of fall activities.

Many times, at the end of the day families and friends meet in front of a cracking fire to relive the day. Many also choose to enjoy a full body steaming cup of hot tea.

Tea is the perfect drink, either alone or around friends and family. In addition to is delicious taste, whole leaf tea creates a feeling of well being and relaxation that appeals to the tea drinker mind, body and spirit and there is a tea just right for every tea drinker and occasion.

But at the end of a perfect fall (or any) day one should finish with a tea drink made from the highest quality tea. Bagged tea that is not robust or rich in flavor will frequently be a letdown. Quality tea is the perfect drink for any occasion and many tea drinkers start and finish the day with a steaming cup of their favorite beverage.

Enjoy a hot cup of quality tea on a perfect fall day and it is probable that many other tea drinking days will turn out the same.

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