Stop Brewing Bitter Tea – 3 Simple Tips For a Great Cup Every Time

Tired of brewing tea that tastes horrible and bitter? There's nothing worse than going through the effort of brewing a whole pot of tea and having it turn out un-drinkable. Here's some simple tips and steps to follow to ensure that every cup of tea you brew tastes great. Use Good Water Your regular tap water could be fouling the taste of your tea. The minerals and chemicals found in tap water can play a part in altering the taste of your tea and in making it bitter. You should always try … [Read more...]

Brewing A Perfect Cup Of Tea Using A Teapot

Your teapot is a beautiful and efficient way to brew a tasty cup of tea. Brewing in a ceramic, glass, or cast iron teapot has the advantage of eliminating the "pot" flavor that can result from brewing in a stainless or aluminum container. Porcelain, ceramic and glass teapots are preferred by the English and others, while cast iron teapots are popular in Japan because of their heat retaining properties. The tiny tea pots and cups found in Asian markets are used for brewing and enjoying Oolong … [Read more...]

Purified Water Improves the Taste of Tea and Coffee

If you are a coffee lover or a tea devotee, then you know the feeling whenever you get a cup of your favorite that tastes absolutely delicious. You're the kind of person who will go and purchase a brand new tea or coffee maker just to make sure that you can make an incredible brew any time the mood hits you. You get the machine home and make your first cup, anxious to make sure that this new "toy" will make a brew that matches the taste you are looking for. Much to your delight, it does! Your … [Read more...]