Tea Cup Etiquette

Back during the turn of the century, there were so many different traditions, questions on what to say or do, or how to behave in certain situations that are closely related to tea cups and tea. Many of them have faded into the past like so much vapor, while some still hang in the air like smoke. These are still in use by those who still practice the art of daily tea time. How about the expression, "Take tea" which is still heard in old nursery rhymes and repeated by our mothers, who heard … [Read more...]

The World Of The Tea Kettle

People who are not regular tea drinkers sometimes get the various bits of tea terminology confused. You would be amazed at how many times I have heard others get all mixed up when it comes to tea kettles and tea pots. They use the terms interchangeably, and it's enough to make a true tea connoisseur react as if hearing fingernails run down a chalkboard! Tea pots and tea kettles can sometimes look a lot alike, and maybe that's why the confusion got started in the first place. But these two … [Read more...]

What is Tea Cupping?

Tea cupping is a process of tasting and evaluating the quality of loose leaf tea. Tea cupping is a process that includes a number steps and is a vitally important method because tea quality varies widely. Tea cupping is a combination of art and science that is used by tea lovers throughout the world to maintain tea quality and tea drinking satisfaction. Even tea from the same shipment, tea garden and processing batch can differ in taste and tea cupping is an ideal way to ensure quality … [Read more...]